This metallic-demon doesn't have a name yet, but will soon as this project nears the end.
Built on the Generations Metroplex figure, this is a brand-new Titan in theory based on the
concept of an old, long-abandoned steel-mill. This will be a totally transforming steel-mill that
will turn into a robot with everything remaining partsforming. The mill-mode
is based on and inspired by the old "Bethlehem Steel Mill" in Pennsylvania. Here you will
witness the birth of a new Titan from start to finish!  I'm now taking offers on this
commission.  Please note I will require a non-refundable deposit up-front to secure this
piece for you, should you choose to speak for it.  Thanks for looking!  I'll be updating the
current-status for this piece on my
Facebook page as well, so join me!
The new, unnamed evil steel-mill Transformers "Titan"