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My intrigue with robots began around the mid 70's when my
parents bought me my first robot called "ROBOT 2500."  He
was actually made with brushed steel panelling, and walked at
the flick-of-a-switch....then the Transformers, Gobots and
Voltron came on the scene in the early 80's and I was totally
fascinated with toys that transformed.

As far back as I can remember, I always had an insatiable
passion to draw and build.  Growing up I had some of the most
influential building sets like Brix Blox(Legos), Lincoln Logs,
Tinker Toys, Erector, Zoids, Robotix and even those good-ole'
colored wooden building blocks....I even made my own
Transformers out of paper at one point.

Over the following years I picked up skills on various jobs
working with wood, metal, plastic, as well as mechanic work
on construction equipment and cars.  Finally and inevitably in
2005, my interest in these incredible toys was revived, and I
began creating my own unique renditions of Transformers
characters like nobody has ever seen...

In conclusion, the elements of originality, innovation, design
and style is what everyone has come to expect and know as