Alternator "PLOWKING" and minion
Plowking has evolved, and this time he's back with his gruesome bio-mechanical dragon-dog "Chain-Brain." Fully transformable and
non-partsforming, Plowking's new format allows him to utilize every pound of his plows with a deadly "clap" move that crushes his
victims like an iron-maiden.....

Any Megadeth fans out there?  Chain-Brain was unfortunately a successful mesh of mechanical parts and flesh. He is always in pain,
and can barely be kept under Plowking's control. Chain-Brain feeds on the aftermath of Plowking's warpath, and never really knows
where he's going, due to the riveted plate over his aching eyes. This is Plowking's only means of control over him....

Plowking was made from an Alternator Rollbar, ROTF Ravage, Bionicle parts, ABS plastic, aluminum flatbar & rivets.

Chain-Brain was made from all kinds of horrible things & stuff.

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