Transformers The Movie
This was a totally scratch-built figure made from aluminum, hardware & ABS plastic.  For obvious reasons, Frenzy was the only character in the
live-action movie that didn't get a decent toy besides the FAB. The more I watched his characteristics and personality in all his scenes, the more
intrigued I was with the efficiency and rawness of his design. With this in mind, I decided to prove to myself that it was in fact possible to recreate any
character I wanted--no matter the size or complexity...and Frenzy was the perfect challenge. I brought this little nightmare to Botcon 2008, and the best
part was on Sunday when people gathered around the table to see his transformation back to radio. Strangely though, I dread his transformation so I
rarely change him back to his alt-mode. The robot mode is the most rewarding, with the alt-mode fairly decent. Here's his features:

Frenzy is about 30" tall standing straight up & weighs about 5lbs.

He has around 70-points of articulation and has almost limitless posability.

4 LEDs for the eyes. (also posable)

There is a small battery-powered motor on the back of his head which makes his head vibrate convulsively like in Air Force One, which I call "The
Download Feature."

He has a working speaker which you can plug your mp3/cd player into and play music through.

One of my favorite features, he is made to fit Soundwave perfectly inside his chest, a funny role-reversal gimmick I threw in.....and most
importantly....he TRANSFORMS!!!

Check out his build from start-to-finish in his YouTube video here!