7' G1 Bruticus
This is probably the biggest kitbash/custom I'll ever do....

Bruticus took 5 months to design and build. The Combaticons are based on 2-Tonka Mighty Dump trucks(Onslaught), a Barbie Jumbo-jet(Blastoff), a military helicopter(Vortex), an r/c
tank(Brawl) an r/c Hummer(Swindle) and a Lego-Bionicle helmet for the head. Everything else was scratch-built. I even put the 3 disable buttons on his back just in case things get
out-of-hand. ;)

Just about everything went into the making of this beast including 2x4s, 4x6s, plywood, basswood, pvc pipe & couplings, styrene, sheetmetal, conduit, flexible gas-line, abs, springs, &
various other hardware.

Bruticus stands at 7', weighs 180lbs, 4' wide & 2 feet thick. I designed him to come apart for easier transport and shipping, but he does not transform. After I was done I broke him down and
drove both he and Devastator up to Rhode Island for Botcon 2007.  Paramount actually put a 2-second shot of him on the TFTM 2-disc in the special features section covering Botcon 2007,
and the history of Transformers titled "Their War."

The autographs on the chestplate are from Aaron Archer, Stan Bush, Alex Kurtzman, Bob Orci & Robby Musso and Nick Roche of IDW.

For the hardcore collectors interested, Bruticus is for sale, asking $