This was a commission I did a few months back for a very special TF-collector.  I took a different approach and wanted to do a
unique custom that would surely stand out in his collection. This was originally supposed to be Ravage-reformat, but we agreed
there were already 2 many Ravage alternators out there so I dreamed up a design that would work as a condor instead. So
here's a G1 favorite with an Old-Skool twist...  G1 Laserbeak!  
Laserbeak just couldn't stand being the spy anymore, the "little spy-guy" that's never supposed to be seen...Well all that
changed with his new format, now he's tearin' up the city streets & raisin hell at the car shows!  This was done with various
Bionicle parts, spare Transformers, aluminum and styrene-plastic.  Laserbeak is fully transformable, and everything remains
intact from start to finish.  The only detachable parts are his little guns from the original cassette toy that I implemented into his
"G1 Laserbeak as a '57 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham"