2007 TFTM movie-scale
This was a commissioned-project that took just under 5-months to build, and will be paired-up & displayed
with the client's Decepticon "Barricade" cop-car replica for car-shows, conventions & various benefits &
charities.  Frenzy's features:

-100% scratch-built
-5ft tall, 15lbs
-4 LED eyes
-Remote-turning head
-110 points of articulation
-Made from aluminum angle, flat-bar, tubing, roofing-flash, 1/8" pvc-sheeting, styrene-sheeting, various
plastic caps, frisbees, Struxx ball-joints, Neo-Shifters joints, plastic beads, nuts, bolts & countless aluminum

(Click here for Frenzy's full scratch-build video from start to finish at YouTube)