TFW 2005 Animated triplechanger "Boombox"
featuring Targetmaster "DJ Mega-Hurts"
After Newcleus challenged and defeated Superman with "Disco Kryptonite" in the famous DJ battle of 1984, they remained
undefeated for years....Then one hot summer night in Miami, a strange looking truck pulled up right in the middle of one of
Newcleus' shows...transformed...then stole the show AND the title effortlessly with explosive phat breaks and seamless
robotic tracks that noone could comprehend.....Let's face it, you just can't beat a robot on the 808.

Boombox was based on leader class TF Animated Prime, & Mega-Hurts based on ROTF Soundwave.

Boombox:  Changes from truck to robot to DJ Platform

Mega-Hurts:  Changes from battle-axe to robotic DJ

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Boombox antennas extend up to 3-feet!  Although I hated working with both of these figures, it was worth it in the end.