Update 12-2-2018:  Project "VHS-Laserbeak" transforming-prototype is finally now under way!  Started on
October 26, this will be a transformable VHS-tape project that will turn into a reimagined format of G1
"Laserbeak", one of Soundwave's original/iconic "cassetticon" minions.  I will be updating & uploading pics
of this project to the Laserbeak-gallery here regularly, and you can also follow progress at my 2
Facebook-pages and YouTube links above.  Click any of the thumbnails below for Laserbeak's W.I.P. gallery:

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Welcome to Kingbotz!  Here you'll find extraordinary custom Transformer figures like nowhere else in the world.  Kingbotz
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Check out the galleris below for customs currently available for commission.  Prices vary according to size, features, labor,
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contact me here.  Thanks for

"Transform Your Collection" with a KINGBOTZ Custom!
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